Insurance Services


Insurance Broking is our core business.
Insurance brokers differ from insurance agents as brokers can introduce any insurance company to the client.

Medical Insurance

In the Philippines there a social medical insurance under the PhilHealth program.
Though the benefits and limits are limited, employers commonly would want higher limits for their employees.

Life Insurance

There is whole life insurance and Term insurance same in Japan, both may be voluntary or an employee benefit.
It’s good to provide life insurance program to enhance your company’s welfare.

Personal Accident

Death and Disablement due to Accident
(i.e. Motor Car, Motorcycle, etc)
is inevitable in today’s environment.

Providing utmost coverage and competitive rates is key in providing compensation for the remained family.

Other Non-life Insurance

・Travel Insurance
・Engineering (CAR/EAR)
・Marine (Cargo/Hull)
・Motor Car
・Casualty & Specialty

Pension/Retirement Plan

It’s good to provide this plan for your senior executive staff to increase their motivation and keep them in your company.

Risk Consultation

Minimizing risk will provide the client better
understanding on the variables that expose their property to unforeseen accidents or calamities.
We can provide the client recommendations to achieve this goal.