Medical situation in the Philippines

The medical system in the Philippines is free medical care, and the medical standard and medical expenses differ depending on the hospital and doctor.
Since it is not a universal health insurance system like Japan, it is generally necessary to take out insurance.

If you can take out overseas travel accident insurance in Japan, such as expatriates, we recommend that you take out the insurance.
If it is difficult to take out overseas travel accident insurance,
we recommend that you take out local medical insurance.

Filipino employees;
In the Philippines, it is common for companies to provide medical insurance as a benefit when they are promoted to full-time employees.
Medical insurance in the Philippines (sometimes called HMO) is a private insurance with an image similar to that of Japanese health insurance.

Disaster in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country where all natural disasters occur.
Damage caused by lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, including typhoons and floods, has occurred in the past.
In addition, the frequency of fires due to electric leakage is increasing.
You can prepare for these disasters by taking out fire insurance.

Philippine infrastructure

In the Philippines, various infrastructure expansion and maintenance works are being carried out, from the construction of buildings such as condominiums and factories to airports, railroads, roads, dams, submarine cables, thermal power, geothermal power, hydropower, and wind power plants.

For infrastructure-related projects, various insurance allowances are often required at the time of contract. Various bonds (Performance Bond, Bid Bond, Guarantee Bond),
marine insurance for material delivery (Marine Cargo Insurance), construction insurance (CAR: Contractors All Risks), assembly insurance (EAR: Erection All Risks),
automobile insurance, labor accidents I think you will need accident insurance.

Liability in the Philippines

In developed countries including Japan, a large amount of liability is incurred in the event of damage to another person, and it is common to take out liability insurance to prepare for it.
In the Philippines, liability for compensation may occur depending on the situation, but the amount of compensation is not so high, and even for personal compensation for automobiles, compulsory insurance covers about 200,000 yen,
and if you become a victim, you may be forced to fall asleep.

For example, in a car accident, even if the other party makes a mistake, you cannot expect compensation from the other party, and in many cases you will be covered by the vehicle insurance of the car insurance you have.